The Story of Lot's Daughters

Genesis 19:30-38

When her family was at a restaurant one night, Beth heard two young girls at the next table talking. One girl was saying that a young man had taken her to a party and, after convincing her to drink a huge big bunch of "booze," put his penis in her. Now the woman had a baby growing in her tummy. That made Beth think of a question.
Later, when they were away from others who might be embarrassed, Beth asked her mother a question. "Mother," she asked, "isn't it wrong to get someone drunk so that you can have sex with them?"
Beth's mother was surprised by the question, but when Beth explained what she had overheard in the restaurant, her mother understood. To answer the question, her mother told a story, and this is the story she told:

One day, Lot and his two daughters moved out of Zoar to live in the mountains, because he was afraid to live in town.
One night, the older daughter said to the younger one, "Our father is old and there are no men around to put their penises in us. Let's get our father drunk so that we can get him to put his penis in us and make babies grow in our tummies."
So they got their father to drink wine until he was drunk.
Then the older daughter went into their father's cave and had sex with him, although he didn't notice.

"He didn't notice?" Beth asked, surprised.
"Lot was very drunk, Dear One," said her mother.

On the next night, the older said to the youngest, "I got our father to put his penis in me last night. Tonight, it's your turn to get him drunk."
So they made their father drink wine and get drunk again. When they were done, the younger daughter went into their father's cave and had sex with him. Lot didn't notice that the second daughter had had sex with him either.
Babies started to grow in both of the daughters' tummies. The first daughter made a son named Moab, and the second daughter made a son named Benammi. Both of the sons grew up to become great men.

"To God," Beth's mother told her, "children are the most important thing. It doesn't matter how a baby starts growing in a woman's tummy. Having sex when one of the people is drunk is much better than never having a baby grow in a woman at all."
Beth thought about this for a moment. Then she smiled and hugged her mother. All her questions had been answered.