The Story of Adonibezek's Big Digits

Judges 1:1-7

Beth and her mother went to visit Beth's great grandmother in the old folks home.
"Hello, Grandmama," said Beth's mother.
"I'm a big fluffy balloon!" answered Grandmama. "Baroom! Zoom!"
Beth thought this was very strange and it sort of frightened her. But to be polite, she said, "How are you, Grandmama? Can we get you something?"
Grandmama pursed her lips and spun her eyes like pinwheels. "Whoooo whooo," hooted Grandmama. "There's a great big basket and it's taking me away! My brain's a train! Whoooo!"
Beth's mother brushed Grandmama's hair and used an electric razor to shave the coarse gray stubble from her chin. When she was done she said, "We'll be going now, Grandmama. See you next week."
"It's those gnomes," said Grandmama. "They steal my underpants."
Beth remembered to say her goodbyes to Grandmama as they left.
Outside the old folks home, Beth said, "Mother, why does Grandmama say such strange things."
"When people get older they often say things that we cannot understand, Dear One," said Beth's mother. "We should listen to what they said, because they have years of wisdom."
When they were in the car, Beth's mother said, "I know that all of this seems strange to you. Here, while we drive I'll tell you a story from the Bible which will show you that Grandmama is not acting unusually at all."
And this is the story she told:

One day after Joshua died, the Israelites said to God, "Who should be the first to go and fight the Canaanites?"
God said to them, "Judah can go fight them. I'll make him win."
Judah went to his brother Simeon and said, "Want to come with me and fight the Canaanites? I'll help you with your problems if you help me with mine." So Simeon went with him.
God helped Judah defeat the Canaanites and the Perizzites. Then Judah and Simeon went and killed ten thousand men in Bezek. They also found Adonibezak in Bezek and fought him, killing the Canaanites and the Perizzites, but Adonibezek ran away. Judah and Simeon ran after Adonibezek and caught him.
After Judah and Simeon caught Adonibezek, they cut off his thumbs and his big toes. This made Adonibezek say, "Seventy kings with their thumbs and toes cut off ate under my table. I just did what God told me to do." So they brought him to Jerusalem to die.

Beth thought about this for a moment. "That was a very strange thing that Adonibezek said before he died," said Beth. "Does that mean that Grandmama says strange things because she is going to die soon?"
"That is part of it, Dear One," said Beth's mother. "But you should also realize that Adonibezek's words were very wise, just as Grandmama's words were wise."
"But what did Adonibezek mean about the kings under his table? And how could he have been doing what God told him to do if God let him get killed for it?" asked Beth.
"We are not wise enough to know the answer to those questions, Dear one. Perhaps when we are old, we will know what Adonibezek and Grandmama were trying to tell us."
"At least that gives me something to look forward to," said Beth. Then she smiled and refrained from hugging her mother because her mother was driving. All her questions had been answered.