The Story of Jacob and the Spotted Animals

Genesis 30:25-43

On television, Beth saw a show about babies. It told how babies acted and what they ate and many other interesting things.
During that show, Beth saw many different kinds of babies. Some of the babies had pink skin like Beth's, and some had skin that was darker, or even much, much darker. Beth saw babies that were beautiful, babies that were just cute, and some babies that were really ugly because they had been born with parts of their face missing. She even saw two babies that were attached at the head.
After the show, Beth went to her mother and asked, "Mother, I understand where babies come from, but how come some babies are pretty and others are ugly?"
"The answer to that question can be found in a Bible story, Dear One," her mother said. And this is the story she told:

One day, when Jacob was nearly done working for Laban, he said, "I am going to take my family and go."
Laban said, "I like you, Jacob. Just tell me what I owe you and you can leave when your time is up."
Jacob said, "I've taken good care of your sheep and goats. Now you have more of them than you did when I first came here. So how about giving me some sheep and goats to take with me?"
Laban said, "How many animals do you want?"
"Well," said Jacob, "how about giving me all the brown sheep and spotted goats? That way we'll be able to tell my animals from yours."
"Okay," said Laban. Then Laban took all the brown sheep and spotted goats and separated them from the rest.
For the rest of the time that Jacob took care of Laban's animals, he treated them in a special way. When ever the good animals had sex, Jacob put spotted brown branches in front of them so that the babies would be spotted or brown. But when the bad animals had sex, he left them alone. That way, all the good baby goats and sheep would be Jacob's and the bad ones would be Laban's.
When it was time for Jacob to leave with his family, he had a whole bunch of really good sheep and goats.

Beth thought about this for a moment. Then she smiled and hugged her mother. "What an interesting story," she said. "So babies look like what their mother is looking at while she has a penis put in her."
"That's right," said her mother.
"Were you looking at something pretty when you and Father made me?" asked Beth.
Her mother smiled and caressed Beth's cheek with a loving hand. "Actually, I was looking up at the roof of Daddy's station wagon," she said.
"Oh," said Beth. "I guess that's okay." And she wondered if there was a story that would tell her just what her mother had meant.